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Miss Kervin and Mrs Davin are the Year 1 teachers.

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Home Learning Week 12

All about Me

Memory Jar

Share a Story

week 12 maths videos

Maths Lesson 2

Maths lesson 1

Maths Lesson 3

Maths Lesson 4



Home Learning 6th July 2020

Wednesday's Worksheet

Thursday's Worksheet

Maths Worksheet for Monday

Maths Worksheet for Tuesday

Maths Worksheet for Wednesday

Maths Worksheet for Thursday

Daily Challenge for Year One - Monday

Daily Challenge worksheet for Monday

Daily Challenge for Tuesday

Daily challenge for Wednesday

Daily Challenge for Thursday


Home Learning Plan - 29.6.20


Weekly Spellings - 29.6.20


Wednesday English Task


Season Word Mat


Thursday English Task


Thursday English Task


Ordering Numbers


Recognising Coins


Recognising Notes


Counting Coins


Maths Video Lessons - 29.6.20


Monday English Task

Year 1 Home Learning - 22.6.20


Tuesday English Task


Wednesday English Task


Thursday English Task







Weekly Spellings - 22.6.20








Counting to 100

Partitioning numbers


Comparing numbers 1


Comparing Numbers 2


Maths Video Lessons


Maths Video Links - Week 8


Year 1 home learning - 15.6.20


Weekly Spelling List


Who Invented the first plane?




Comic strip template


Monday Maths Sheet - Arrays


Tuesday Maths Sheet - Doubles


Wednesday Maths Sheet - Sharing


Thursday Maths sheet - Grouping


Year 1 weekly home learning - 8.6.20


th phonic sheet


Week 7 - maths lesson video links


Lesson 1 - counting in 2s


Lesson 2 - counting in 5s


Lesson 3 - counting in 10s


Lesson 4 - equal amounts


Weekly Spellings - 8.6.20


Year 1 spellings 1.6.20

Year 1 home learning

Year One Word of the Week 1st June

Wednesday's Poetry Worksheet

Thursday's Poetry Worksheet

Maths Worksheet for Monday

Maths Worksheet for Tuesday

Maths Worksheet for Wednesday

Maths Worksheet for Thursday

Year 1 - home learning - 18.5.20

Maths lesson video links

maths - lesson 1

maths - lesson 2

maths lesson 3

Maths Lesson 4


Tuesday Phonics sheet

How to make a jam sandwich

Tuesday - Instructions everywhere!

Making a jam sandwich

Thursday - writing instructions

year 1 spellings - 18.5.20

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Video Links for Maths lessons

Maths lesson 2 worksheet

Maths lesson 3 worksheet

Maths Lesson 4 worksheet

Home Learning Year One 11th May 2020

Year One's Spellings for 15th May

Imperative verb power point

Year One Word of the Week 11th May

Word of the Week 4/5/2020

VE Day Powerpoint

thumbnail of bunting

VE Day bunting template

Week 3 phonics


week 3 phonics


thumbnail of week 3

Year 1 weekly spellings - 4.5.20

Home Learning Year 1 Week 2 27.4.2020

Word of the week - Year 1 - Week 2 - 27.4.2020

My News example - Year 1 - Week 2 27.4.2020

thumbnail of matching the animals and fruit

Match the animal to the fruit - Y1 week 2 27.4.2020

Describe Handas fruit using er and est. Y1 week 2 27.4.2020

Spellings Year One Week 2 27.4.2020

Home Learning Week 1 20.4.2020


Word of the Week 20/4/20


thumbnail of news wordmat

News Wordmat Support

My News Example


Week 1 Suffixes Worksheet

Week 1- Suffixes Powerpoint

Spellings Week 1 WB20/4/20
























































































































































































































































































































































thumbnail of 1D summer 2

Mrs Davin 1D Timetable

thumbnail of 1k summer 2

Miss Kervin 1K Timetable