Parent Council

What is the Parent Council?

At Lister Infants we work hard to involve all stakeholders in the development of the school and to improve communication between the school and parents. To help with this we have set up a Parent Council.

Our Parent Council is intended to provide a forum at which parents can express their views and provide an additional means for the school to consult parental opinion. The establishment of a Parent Council gives parents a regular opportunity to express their opinions, raise concerns and feel more involved in the development of the school.

Terms of Reference


The Parent Council aims to develop a partnership between the school and parents in order to support and promote the pupils’ learning and wellbeing. It aims to improve the level of communication between the school and parents and vice versa and to provide a forum whereby the school can be informed of the “parent voice” on issues, (non-strategic and non-personal), which may affect a pupils learning or welfare or which promotes the efficient operation of the school. The Parent Council aims to allow governors of the school to consult parents on policies and school matters in an open, consistent and structured way. It also aims to allow parents to learn more about how the school is run and how the learning agenda is set.

The Parent Council is purely an advisory and consultative body. Strategic decisions concerning the school are for the Governing Body to take whilst the day to day running of the school is for the Head teacher to determine. The Parent Council is not a channel for individual complaints and issues. Concerns or complaints involving individual children will not be discussed. The Parent Council has no responsibility for fundraising.


Any parent, grandparent or guardian of a current pupil may be a member of the Parent Council. Recruitment of members will be through a letter sent out to parents every September for nominations (two parents per class). The minimum number of individuals to constitute a Parent Council is 10 although there is no requirement for a quorum at any meeting. To ensure representation of classes and year groups, membership will consist of two parents from each class. Members of council will be listed on the school website. Governors will also be invited to meetings when it is felt that their input is needed. Following the formation of the Parent Council, the members will elect a Chair and Vice-Chair. The term of the Chair and Vice Chair shall be 1 year renewable on further election.


The parent Council will meet once each half term. Council meeting times and dates will be set for the whole year and listed on the school website. The times of meetings will vary to allow all members to attend. The Parent Council must circulate a proposed agenda 7 days prior to the meeting. All meetings must be minuted and a copy of minutes given to the Head teacher within 7 days. The agreed minutes of the Parent Council will be published on the website and made available to the whole school community.


Chairing/ facilitation of the meetings

The Chair will:

  • Ensure the meetings allow council members to understand and discuss the matters the governors wish to consult them on
  • Lead the council, work with the head teacher to set agendas, represent the group to the governing body when needed. Sign off minutes. Keep Parent Council to the Terms of Reference.


The Secretary will:

  • Take minutes and submit to head teacher to publish on website.
  • Work with the Head teacher to publish Parent Council newsletter once a term.
  • Keep an up to date list of members to include contact details.

Duties of Parent Council members

  • To attend at least 3 meetings during the school year.
  • To listen to the views of parents in their class and voice these in meetings.

The school will assist the Council by providing copying, admin support, meeting room.

Reviewing our effectiveness

Every year the Parent Council will evaluate to what extent it is meeting it’s initial aims, identify the benefits and impact of it’s work and ways in which it could be improved or made more effective. This consultation should, where possible include a member of the Governing Body.


Nursery Am Ms Kathi Sturdy
Nursery PM
RM Ms Carrie-Ann Wood,Mr Stephen Moss 
RD Ms Catherine Falco
1K Ms Ashlie Lamb
1W Ms Janine Edge
2E Ms Rebecca Clancy (Chair),Ms Leah Barratt
2H Ms Alison Goudie

2 elected members per class

Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates
Autumn Term November 13th Community room 2pm
Spring Term February 12th Community room 2pm
April 1st Community room 2pm
Summer Term May 26th Community room 2pm
July 15th Community room 2pm


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PC Minutes February 2016

PC Minutes November 2015

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