Year 2



Miss Haynes and Mrs White are the Year 2 teachers.

Year Two Overview








Parent Support

Week 5 Home Learning 18/05/20

Week 5 Word of the Week


Summer Poem Example

Summer Poem Writing Sheet

Monday Maths Worksheet

Tuesday Maths Worksheet

The Tunnel Writing Sheet

Wednesday Maths Worksheet

Contractions Worksheet

Thursday Maths Worksheet

Week 5 spellings




Home Learning Overview Week 4 11/5/20

Week 4 Word of the Week

Riddle Example

Riddle Sentence Starters

Riddle Checklist

Formby Point

Adding ful or less

Week 4 Spellings 11/5/20

Week 4 Friday Maths Challenge




Home Learning Overview Week 3 - 4/5/20

Word of the Week 3 - 4/5/20

Week 3 Letter Example

Week 3 Letter Template

Week 3 Polar Bear Writing Template

Polar Bears Information Part One

Polar Bears Information Part Two

Week 3 Using the Suffix - ness

Week 3 Using ness sheet

Week 3 Applying ness challenge

Week 3 Spellings 4/5/20

Week 3 Friday Maths Challenge

Home Learning Overview Week 2 27/4/20

Word of the Week 27/4/20

Week 2 Key Worker Poem Example

Week 2 Key Worker Poem Template

Week 2 Using the suffix 'ment'

Week 2 Spellings 27/4/20


Home Learning Overview Week 1 20/4/20

Word of the Week 20/4/20

News Wordmat Support

My News Example

Week 1 Adverbs Poster

Week 1 Adverbs Worksheets

Week 1 Spellings 20/4/20