Year 2



Miss Haynes and Mrs White are the Year 2 teachers.

Year Two Overview








Parent Support

Year 2 Home Learning Week 11

Word of the Week

Maths Video Links Week 11

Monday English

Maths Monday

Monday Answers

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday Answers

Wednesday Poetry Examples

Acrostic Poem Sheet

Wednesday Maths

Wednesday Answers

Thursday Common Exception Words

Thursday Maths

Thursday Answers

Week 11 Spellings

Friday Challenges

Home Learning Week 10



Week 10 Word of the Week

Week 10 Maths Links 29/6/20

Monday's English Example 29/6/20

Monday's Maths 29/6/20

Monday's Maths Answers 29/6/20

Tuesday's Maths 30/6/20

Tuesday's Maths Answers 30/6/20

Wednesday's English Task Template 1/7/20

Wednesday's Maths 1/7/20

Wednesday's Maths Answers 1/7/20

Thursday's English Task 2/7/20

Thursday's Maths 2/7/20

Thursday's Maths Answers 2/7/20

Week 10 Spellings 29/6/20

Friday's Maths Challenge 3/7/20

Friday's Maths Answers 3/7/20

Home Learning Week 9 22/06/20

Word of the Week 9

Maths Links 22/06/20

Monday English

Monday Maths

Monday Answers

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday Answers

Wednesday English

Wednesday Maths

Wednesday Answers

Thursday Skills

Thursday Maths

Thursday Answers

Friday Spellings

Friday Challenge and Answers






Week 8 Home Learning 15/06/20



Week 8 Word of the Week

Maths Video Links 15/06/20

Monday's English Task 15/6/20

Monday's English Example

Monday's Maths 15/6/20

Monday's Answers 15/6/20

Tuesday's Maths 16/6/20

Tuesday's Maths Answers 16/6/20

Wednesday's English Task 17/6/20

Wednesday's English Support 17/6/20

Wednesday's Maths 17/6/20

Wednesday's Maths Answers 17/6/20

Thursday's English Support 'Homophones' 18/6/20

Thursday's English Task 18/6/20

Thursday's Maths 18/6/20

Thursday's Maths Answers 18/6/20

Week 8 Spellings Week Beginning 15/6/20

Friday's Maths Challenge 19/6/20

Friday's Maths Answers 19/6/20




Home Learning Week 7 08/06/20


Word of the Week 7

Maths Video Links Week 7

Monday English

Monday Example

Monday Maths

Monday Answers

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday Answers

Wednesday English

Wednesday Maths

Wednesday Answers

Thursday English

Thursday Maths

Thursday Answers

Week 7 Spellings

Friday Challenges



Week 6 Home Learning 01/06/20

Week 6 Word of the Week

Maths Video Links 01/06/20

Postcard Example

Postcard Template

Monday's Maths 01/06/20

Monday's Maths Answers

Tuesday's Maths 02/06/20

Tuesday's Maths Answers

Book Review 03/06/20

Wednesday's Maths 03/06/20

Wednesday's Maths Answers

Apostrophe Poster

Apostrophe Sheet 04/06/20

Thursday's Maths 04/06/20

Thursday's Maths Answers

Week 6 Spellings 01/06/20

Friday's Maths 05/06/20

Friday's Maths Answers 05/06/20

Week 5 Home Learning 18/05/20


Week 5 Word of the Week


Summer Poem Example

Summer Poem Writing Sheet

Monday Maths Worksheet

Tuesday Maths Worksheet

The Tunnel Writing Sheet

Wednesday Maths Worksheet

Contractions Worksheet

Thursday Maths Worksheet

Week 5 spellings




Home Learning Overview Week 4 11/5/20

Week 4 Word of the Week

Riddle Example

Riddle Sentence Starters

Riddle Checklist

Formby Point

Adding ful or less

Week 4 Spellings 11/5/20

Week 4 Friday Maths Challenge


Animal Fact Sheet Example


Home Learning Overview Week 3 - 4/5/20

Word of the Week 3 - 4/5/20

Week 3 Letter Example

Week 3 Letter Template

Week 3 Polar Bear Writing Template

Polar Bears Information Part One

Polar Bears Information Part Two

Week 3 Using the Suffix - ness

Week 3 Using ness sheet

Week 3 Applying ness challenge

Week 3 Spellings 4/5/20

Week 3 Friday Maths Challenge

Home Learning Overview Week 2 27/4/20

Word of the Week 27/4/20

Week 2 Key Worker Poem Example

Week 2 Key Worker Poem Template

Week 2 Using the suffix 'ment'

Week 2 Spellings 27/4/20


Home Learning Overview Week 1 20/4/20

Word of the Week 20/4/20

News Wordmat Support

My News Example

Week 1 Adverbs Poster

Week 1 Adverbs Worksheets

Week 1 Spellings 20/4/20