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Monday 5th January Return to school
Friday 9th January Parent Workshop- ASD
Monday 12th January Clubs start
Friday 16th January Parent workshop – ASD
Tuesday 27th January Stephen Twigg MP Assembly
Monday 2nd February Olympic Sport Event
Wednesday 4th February Matball final
Monday 9th February E Safety Workshop for parents
Tuesday 10th February E Safety day
Thursday 12th February Frozen Spectacular
Thursday 12th February Open afternoons
Friday 13th February Book Swap Day
Friday 13th February Chinese New Year Enterprise Sale
Friday 13th February 2H Class Assembly
Friday 13th February Break up- 3pm
Monday 23rd February Lion Dance
Wednesday 25th February Book Fayre Infant Hall
Monday 2nd - Friday 6th March Book week
Friday 6th March Book Day Dress Up
Monday 9th March Presto Music Company
Wednesday 11th March Bethel Assembly
Thursday 12th March Sing Up Assembly
Friday 13th March Red Nose day- wear something red!
Monday 16th March Reception Trip to Maritime Museum
Wednesday 25th March Parents’ Evening
Thursday 26th March Nursery Closed- parents’ evening appointments
Thursday 26th March Parents’ Evening
Friday 27th March Scooter Experience Day
Monday 30th March Own clothes day- bring an Easter egg
Wednesday 1st April Easter Bingo
Wednesday 1st April Break up (1:15pm)
Wednesday 1st April Parent Council
Thursday 2nd April 1W Class Assembly followed by coffee morning for parents
Tuesday 19th May Open Afternoon- RD, 1K, 2E
Wednesday 20th May Open Afternoon- N, RM, 1W, 2H
Thursday 21st May RM Class Assembly & Coffee Morning
Wednesday 10th June New Reception Parent Meeting 6pm
Thursday 11th June New Reception Visits
Monday 15th June Year 1 Phonic Screening Starts
Tuesday 16th June New Nursery Parent Meeting
Wednesday 17th June Nursery Closed- New Intake Visits
Wednesday 24th June Bethel Assembly
Tuesday 30th June Sports Day- Y2am, Y1pm
Thursday 2nd July Sports Day- Nursery & Reception
Friday 3rd July Summer Fayre
Monday 6th July Last Club
Monday 6th - Friday 10th July Transition Week
Wednesday 15th July Graduation- Year 2
Friday 17th July RD Class Assembly & Coffee Morning
Tuesday 1st September Inset Day
Wednesday 2nd September Children return
Monday 14th September After School Clubs Start
Thursday 22nd October Teddy Hospital Y1/Y2
Thursday 22nd October Nursery Ritchie the Ranger
Thursday 22nd October Parents Evening
Friday 23rd October 2H Class Assembly
Monday 26th - Friday 30th October Half Term
Monday 2nd November Inset Day
Tuesday 3rd November Family Learning Computer Course
Wednesday 4th November Reception trip to Chester Zoo
Wednesday 4th November Reception Parent Meeting
Monday 9th November Y1 Trip to Hindu Temple
Wednesday 18th November Y2 Trip to Fire Station
Thursday 19th November School Photographer
Monday 23rd November Own Clothes Day – bring a bottle
Tuesday 24th November Open Afternoon RD, 1W, 2H
Tuesday 24th November Open Day Nursery AM 11.00 PM 2.30
Wednesday 25th November Open Afternoon RM, 1K, 2E
Thursday 26th November Y2 Trip to Jewish Synagogue
Friday 27th November Christmas Fayre
Thursday 3rd December Reception Christmas Show
Tuesday 8th December Christmas Dinner
Thursday 10th December Y1,Y2 Christmas Show
Monday 14th December Own Clothes Day – bring a selection box
Thursday 17th December Christmas Bingo
Friday 18th December 1W Assembly and Coffee Morning
Friday 18th December Christmas Party Day
Friday 18th December Break up for Christmas Holidays 3.00pm
Monday 4th January Inset Day
Tuesday 5th January Children return
Tuesday 5th January Y2 Swimming
Thursday 7th January Y1,Y2 Food Technology
Wednesday 13th January Y1 Recycling Centre
Wednesday 20th January Maths Day
Wednesday 3rd February Sing-Up assembly
Thursday 4th February Parent Online Safety Workshop
Friday 5th February Enterprise Sale
Monday 8th February Chinese Dancers
Tuesday 9th February Safer Internet Day
Wednesday 10th February Open Afternoon
Wednesday 10th February Open Day Nursery
Thursday 11th February Open Afternoon
Friday 12th February 2E Class Assembly
Friday 12th February Break up 3pm
Friday 12th February Family Literacy Info Meeting
Monday 15th - Friday 19th February Half term
Monday 22nd February Return to School
Thursday 25th February Y1/Y2 Food Technology
Monday 29th February Book Week
Tuesday 1st March Reception trip to Museum
Tuesday 1st March Family Reading 1W, 2H Nam
Wednesday 2nd March Family Reading 2E, 1K, RM, RD, Npm
Thursday 3rd March World Book Day
Friday 4th March Enterprise Mothers Day Sale
Monday 7th March Starlight Recycling
Monday 14th March Own Clothes Day
Tuesday 15th March Y2 Holly Lodge
Wednesday 16th March Parent Workshop
Thursday 17th March Easter Bingo
Thursday 17th March Y2 Planting
Friday 18th March Sports Relief Fundraiser
Monday 21st March Last Monday Club
Friday 25th - Monday 28th March Easter
Wednesday 30th March Parents Evening
Thursday 31st March Parents Evening
Thursday 31st March 1K Class Assembly
Friday 1st April Break Up
Monday 4th - Friday 15th April Spring Break
Monday 18th April Children return
Monday 25th April Nursery Chicks
Monday 25th April Clubs start
Wednesday 27th April Last Club
Thursday 28th April Class Photographs
Friday 29th April Inset Day
Monday 2nd May May Day
Tuesday 3rd May Maypole Dancing
Wednesday 11th May Nursery Farm Visit
Thursday 12th May Y1 Trip
Thursday 12th May Tennis Competition Y2
Monday 16th - Friday 20th May Walk to School Week
Tuesday 17th May Open Afternoon
Wednesday 18th May Open Afternoon
Thursday 19th May Science Day
Thursday 26th May RM Class Assembly and Coffee Morning
Friday 27th May Inset Day
Tuesday 7th June Reception Richie the Ranger
Wednesday 8th June Bethel Assembly
Tuesday 14th June Multi Skills Competition Y2
Tuesday 21st June Y1 Trip
Wednesday 22nd June New Reception Parent Meeting
Thursday 23rd June New Reception Visit Miss Herrity
Tuesday 28th June New Nursery Parent Meeting
Wednesday 29th June New Nursery Visits
Thursday 30th June New Reception Visit Miss Daniels
Monday 4th July Sports Day Y2
Monday 4th July Sports Day Y1
Thursday 7th July Sports Day Reception
Friday 8th July Summer Fayre
Friday 8th July Y1 Deaf Active Trip
Monday 11th July Last Club
Friday 15th July Sports Day Nursery
Tuesday 19th July Y2 Graduation
Thursday 21st July RD Assembly and Coffee Morning
Thursday 21st July Break up
Friday 22nd July Inset Day
Monday 19th September Clubs start
Tuesday 27th September 2H Trip
Thursday 29th September Y1 Trip
Tuesday 4th October 2W Trip
Wednesday 5th October Parent Reading Workshop
Thursday 6th October Science Day
Thursday 13th October Harvest Assembly
Thursday 20th October Parents Evening
Friday 21st October 2H Class Assembly
Sunday 30th October Diwali
Thursday 3rd November Reception Parent Meeting
Wednesday 9th November Y2 Trip
Thursday 17th November School Photographer
Friday 18th November Children In Need
Tuesday 22nd November Open Afternoon
Wednesday 23rd November Open Afternoon
Friday 25th November Own Clothes Day
Monday 28th November Last Monday Club
Friday 2nd December Christmas Fayre
Tuesday 6th December School Christmas Dinner
Thursday 8th December Reception Nativity
Wednesday 14th December KS1 Christmas Nativity
Thursday 15th December Christmas Disco
Friday 16th December Nursery Sing-a-Long
Tuesday 20th December Christmas Party
Wednesday 21st December Poppies Class Assembly
Thursday 12th January Y2 Swimming
Monday 16th January After School Clubs Start
Thursday 19th January KS1 Parent Writing Workshop
Saturday 28th January Chinese New Year
Tuesday 7th February Safer Internet Day
Wednesday 15th February Open Afternoon
Thursday 16th February Open Afternoon
Friday 17th February Sunflowers Class Assembly
Monday 27th February Book Week
Thursday 2nd March World Book Day
Wednesday 22nd March Sing-Up Assembly
Friday 24th March Red Nose Day
Monday 27th March Last After School Club
Wednesday 29th March Parents Evening
Wednesday 29th March Y1 Local Area Walk
Thursday 30th March Parents Evening
Friday 31st March Own Clothes Day
Thursday 6th April Easter Bingo
Friday 7th April Tulips Class Assembly
Thursday 27th April Class Photographs
Monday 8th May After School Clubs Start
Monday 15th May Walk to School Week
Thursday 25th May Daisies Class Assembly
Wednesday 21st June Open Afternoon
Thursday 22nd June Open Afternoon
Friday 23rd June Own Clothes Day
Tuesday 27th June Information Meeting New Nursery
Tuesday 27th June Information Meeting New Reception
Wednesday 28th June Nursery Closed
Wednesday 28th June Y2 Junior Transition Meeting
Friday 30th June Summer Fayre
Tuesday 4th July Y1/Y2 Sports Day
Tuesday 4th July Y2 Transition Parent Walk Around
Wednesday 5th July Y2 Transition Parent Walk Around
Thursday 6th July Reception Sports Day
Friday 14th July RM Class Assembly
Monday 17th July Last After School Club
Wednesday 19th July Y2 Graduation
Monday 4th September INSET Day
Monday 4th September Inset Day
Tuesday 5th September Return to School
Tuesday 5th September Return to School
Wednesday 13th September Roald Dahl Day
Thursday 14th September 2H Class Trip
Monday 18th September 2W Class Trip
Monday 18th September After School Clubs Start
Wednesday 20th September Reading Workshop Bluebells (RH)
Thursday 21st September Reading Workshop Daffodils (RD)
Monday 25th September Health Week
Tuesday 3rd October Key Stage 1 Reading Workshop
Wednesday 11th October Harvest Assembly 2pm
Thursday 12th October Maths Workshop Bluebells (RH)
Friday 13th October Maths Workshop Daffodils (RD)
Tuesday 17th October Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 18th October Parents’ Evening
Friday 20th October Break Up- Half Term
Friday 20th October Class Assembly Sunflowers (2W)
Monday 30th October Return to school
Monday 13th November Anti Bullying Week
Thursday 16th November Photographs (Individual)
Friday 17th November Children in Need Event
Monday 20th November Road Safety Week
Friday 24th November Bring a bottle (own clothes day)
Monday 27th November Last After School Club
Friday 1st December Christmas Fayre
Tuesday 5th December Christmas Dinner
Thursday 7th December Reception Nativity
Monday 11th December Nursery Sing-a-long
Wednesday 13th December Key Stage 1 Nativity
Thursday 14th December Christmas Bingo
Monday 18th December Open Afternoons – 2W, 1K, RH, N
Tuesday 19th December Open Afternoon -2H, 1C, RD
Wednesday 20th December Christmas Party Day
Thursday 21st December Break up- Christmas Holidays
Thursday 21st December Class Assembly Poppies (1K)
Monday 8th January Return to school
Tuesday 9th January Year 2 Swimming
Monday 15th January Clubs Start
Tuesday 16th January Phonic Lesson Bluebells (RH)
Wednesday 17th January Y1 Maths Workshop
Thursday 18th January Year 2 Maths Workshop
Thursday 18th January Phonic Lesson Daffodils (RD)
Friday 19th January Beatles Day
Thursday 25th January Phonics Demonstration
Monday 5th February Parent Workshop
Tuesday 6th February Safer Internet Day
Thursday 8th February Knowsley Safari Park
Friday 9th February Break up- Half Term
Friday 9th February Class Assembly Snowdrops (2H)
Friday 16th February Chinese New Year
Monday 19th February Return to School
Wednesday 28th February Railway Children Production
Thursday 1st March World Book Day
Thursday 1st March Dress Up Day
Thursday 1st March Parent Reading Sessions
Friday 2nd March Parent Reading Sessions
Friday 9th March Bring an Egg (own clothes day)
Tuesday 13th March Sing Up Assembly
Wednesday 14th March Class Photos
Thursday 15th March Easter Bingo
Monday 19th March Sports Relief Week
Monday 19th March Last After School Club
Tuesday 20th March Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 21st March Parents’ Evening
Friday 23rd March Break up- Easter Holidays
Friday 23rd March Class Assembly Tulips (1C)
Monday 9th April Return to school
Thursday 19th April Y2 Trip to Formby Beach
Tuesday 1st May Year 2 Statutory Assessments Start
Friday 4th May INSET Day
Monday 7th May May Day Holiday
Thursday 10th May Movema Dance Company
Monday 14th May Walk to School Week
Thursday 24th May Break Up- Half Term
Thursday 24th May Class Assembly Daffodils (RD)
Friday 25th May INSET Day
Monday 4th June Return to school
Monday 4th June Queen’s Jubilee Week
Monday 11th June World Cup Week
Monday 11th June Year 1 Phonic Check Week
Tuesday 12th June Open Afternoons- 2H, 1C, RD, N
Wednesday 13th June Open Afternoons- 2W, 1K, RH
Friday 20th July Break Up- Summer Holidays
Monday 23rd July INSET Day
Tuesday 24th July INSET Day
Monday 3rd September Inset Day
Tuesday 4th September Return to School
Thursday 13th September Roald Dahl Day
Monday 17th September After School Clubs Start
Thursday 20th September Y2 Cinema Night
Monday 24th September Jam Tart Sale
Tuesday 25th September Y2 Maths Workshop
Wednesday 26th September Rec Reading Workshop
Monday 1st October Health Week
Wednesday 3rd October Parent’s Evening
Tuesday 9th October Y1 Reading Workshop
Wednesday 10th October Harvest Assembly
Monday 15th October Y1 Maths Workshop
Tuesday 16th October Y2 Reading Workshop
Thursday 18th October Rec Maths Workshop
Friday 19th October 2H Class Assembly
Friday 19th October Break Up Half Term
Monday 29th October Return to School
Monday 5th November Jam Tart Sale
Wednesday 7th November Diwali
Thursday 8th November School Photographs
Monday 12th November Anti-Bullying Week
Friday 16th November Children In Need
Monday 19th November Road Safety Week
Friday 23rd November Own Clothes Day
Monday 26th November Last After School Clubs
Friday 30th November Christmas Fayre
Thursday 6th December Rec Christmas Show
Thursday 6th December Christmas Dinner
Friday 7th December Own Clothes Day
Wednesday 12th December Christmas Bingo
Thursday 13th December KS1 Christmas Show
Monday 17th December EYFS Open Afternoon
Tuesday 18th December Nursery Sing-A-Long
Wednesday 19th December Party Day
Thursday 20th December 1C Class Assembly
Thursday 20th December Break Up for Christmas
Monday 7th January Inset Day
Tuesday 8th January Return to School
Tuesday 8th January Y2 Swimming
Monday 14th January After School Clubs Start
Friday 18th January Beatles Day
Wednesday 23rd January Phonics Demonstration
Thursday 24th January Phonics Demonstration
Monday 28th January Jam Tart Sale
Tuesday 29th January Story Telling Week
Monday 4th February Chinese New Year
Tuesday 5th February Safer Internet Day
Thursday 14th February Relationships Day
Friday 15th February 2W Class Assembly
Friday 15th February Break Up Half Term
Monday 25th February Return to School
Monday 4th March World Book Week
Wednesday 6th March Theatre Production
Wednesday 6th March Class Photographs
Thursday 7th March Dressing Up Day
Monday 11th March Jam Tart Sale
Thursday 14th March Sing-Up Assembly
Friday 15th March Comic Relief
Monday 25th March Last After School Club
Friday 29th March Own Clothes Day
Tuesday 2nd April Parent’s Evening
Wednesday 3rd April Parent’s Evening
Wednesday 3rd April Odd Socks Day
Thursday 4th April Easter Bingo
Wednesday 10th April 1K Class Assembly
Wednesday 10th April Break Up for Easter
Tuesday 23rd April Inset Day
Wednesday 24th April Return to School
Monday 6th May May Day
Tuesday 7th May Jam Tart Sale
Monday 20th May Walk To School Week
Friday 24th May RH Class Assembly
Friday 24th May Break Up for Half Term
Thursday 6th June Inset Day
Friday 7th June Inset Day
Monday 10th June Return to School
Thursday 13th June EYFS Open Afternoon
Monday 17th June Money Week
Wednesday 19th June Teddy Bears Picnic
Thursday 20th June Teddy Bears Picnic
Friday 21st June Own Clothes Day
Monday 24th June Nursery Closed (Garden Party for New Intake)
Tuesday 25th June EYFS New Parent Meetings
Friday 28th June Summer Fayre
Monday 1st July Jam Tart Sale
Tuesday 2nd July Sports Day (R, Y1/Y2)
Wednesday 3rd July Nursery Sport Fun Day
Friday 5th July Maths Party Day
Friday 5th July Y2 Formby Beach
Friday 12th July RD Class Assembly
Wednesday 17th July Y2 Graduation
Wednesday 17th July Class Visit Rec to Y1
Thursday 18th July Class Visit Y1 to Y2
Wednesday 24th July Break Up for Summer
Monday 2nd September INSET Day
Tuesday 3rd September Return to School
Tuesday 3rd September Key Stage 1 children return
Tuesday 3rd September Key Stage 1 children return
Wednesday 4th September EYFS children start
Monday 23rd September Jam Tart Sale
Tuesday 24th September Y2 Parent Maths Workshop
Wednesday 25th September Reception Parent Reading Workshop
Monday 30th September Health Week
Thursday 3rd October National Poetry Day
Tuesday 8th October Y1 Parent Reading Workshop
Wednesday 9th October Parents Evening
Wednesday 16th October Harvest Assembly
Tuesday 22nd October Y2 Parent Reading Workshop
Wednesday 23rd October Y1 Parent Maths Workshop
Friday 25th October 2W Class Assembly
Friday 25th October Break up- Half term 3pm
Monday 4th November INSET Day
Tuesday 5th November Return to School
Monday 11th November Friendship Week
Monday 11th November Jam Tart Sale
Wednesday 13th November Reception Parent Maths Workshop
Friday 15th November Children in Need
Monday 18th November Road Safety Week
Thursday 21st November School Photographs
Friday 22nd November Own Clothes Day
Monday 25th November Last Monday Club
Thursday 5th December Reception Christmas Show
Thursday 5th December Christmas Dinner
Thursday 5th December Christmas Bingo
Thursday 12th December Y1/Y2 Christmas Show
Monday 16th December Early Years Open Afternoon
Wednesday 18th December 1K Class Assembly
Wednesday 18th December Nursery Sing-a-long
Thursday 19th December Party Day
Friday 20th December Break up for Xmas- 1.15
Monday 6th January INSET Day
Tuesday 7th January Return to School
Monday 13th January Monday Clubs Start
Thursday 16th January Y2 Beatles Trip
Thursday 16th January Reception Rainforest Workshop
Wednesday 22nd January Chinese Dancers
Wednesday 29th January Y1 Phonic Demo Lesson
Thursday 30th January Reception Phonics Demo Lesson
Monday 3rd February National Storytelling Week
Thursday 6th February History Day
Tuesday 11th February Safer Internet Day
Friday 14th February Break up for half term- 3pm
Friday 14th February 2H Class Assembly
Monday 24th February Return to School
Wednesday 26th February Theatre Performance
Monday 2nd March Readathon Week
Wednesday 4th March Class Photographs
Thursday 5th March World Book Day
Monday 9th March Jam Tart Sale
Wednesday 11th March Sing Up Assembly
Friday 13th March Sport Relief
Monday 16th March Science Week
Wednesday 18th March Y1 Phonics Workshop
Friday 20th March Own Clothes Day
Monday 23rd March Last Monday Club
Thursday 26th March Easter Bingo
Tuesday 31st March Parents Evening
Friday 3rd April Break up for Easter- 1.15
Monday 20th April Return to school
Monday 27th April Monday Clubs Start
Friday 1st May SATS Begin
Monday 4th May Jam Tart Sale
Friday 8th May May Day
Monday 18th May Walk to School Week
Thursday 21st May Break up for Half Term
Thursday 21st May RD Class Assembly
Friday 22nd May INSET Day
Monday 1st June Return to School
Friday 12th June Soccer Aid UK
Tuesday 23rd June New Nursery Parent Information Meeting
Tuesday 23rd June New Reception Parent Information Meeting
Friday 26th June Own Clothes Day
Tuesday 30th June Nursery Open Day
Wednesday 1st July Teddy Bears Picnic
Thursday 2nd July Summer Fayre
Friday 3rd July Maths Party Day
Monday 6th July Last Monday Club
Tuesday 7th July Sports Day
Wednesday 8th July Y1 Transition Meeting
Thursday 9th July Y2 Graduation
Thursday 9th July Y2 Transition Meeting
Thursday 16th July RG Class Assembly
Friday 17th July Break up for Summer
Monday 20th July Inset Day

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