Curriculum Rationale

If you require further information please speak to your child’s class teacher.

EYFS Rationale

Lister Infants Curriculum Rationale

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Yearly Overview

Whole School Topic Overview

Year Two Overview

Year One Overview

Reception Overview


Nursery Overview















Early Years

Early Years Rationale

Nursery Overview

Reception Overview

Early Years Parent Guide

Two Year old Places Guide

























English National Curriculum

English Rationale

English Overview

Reading Scheme

How to Use Collins Big Cat Library

How to use Active Learn

Traditional Tales Coverage

Progression in Writing

Nursery Non Negotiable Skills

English Non Negotiable Skills

Year One Reading Skills

Year Two Reading Skills

Penpals for Handwriting Parent Support

Penpals Letter Families






































Science National Curriculum

Science Rationale

Science National Curriculum Coverage

Science Progression in KUS


















Computing National Curriculum

Computing Rationale

Computing National Curriculum Coverage

Computing Progression in KUS

Computing Coverage of KUS

Progression in Programming

Progression in Digital Literacy






















National Curriculum

Phonics Rationale


Phonics Overview


Parent Information

Helping your child with Phonics at home

Parent Support- How to Pronounce Pure Sounds by Oxford Owl

Parent Support- How to Blend Sounds to Read Words


Phase 2 Overview

Phase 2 Flashcards

Phase 3 Overview

Phase 3 Flashcards

Year 1 Phonic Screening Check Previous Years



































Mathematics National Curriculum

Maths Rationale

Mathematics Whole School Overview

Reception Overview

Year One Overview

Year Two Overview



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Maths Calendar

Maths Calculation Policy

Maths Non Negotiable Skills




































Supporting your child at home


First 100 High Frequency Words

Helping your child with phonics at home

Next 200 High Frequency Words

How to use Active Learn

Penpals for Handwriting Parent Support





Reception High Frequency List 1

Reception High Frequency List 2

Reception High Frequency List 3

Reception High Frequency List 4

Reception High Frequency List 5

High Frequency List 6

High Frequency List 7

High Frequency List 8

High Frequency List 9

Year Two High Frequency List 1

Year Two High Frequency List 2

Year Two High Frequency List 3

Year Two High Frequency List 4

Year Two High Frequency List 5

Year Two High Frequency List 6

Year Two High Frequency List 7

Year Two High Frequency List 8

Year Two High Frequency List 9















































































Art & Design

Art and Design National Curriculum

Art Rationale

Art National Curriculum Coverage

Art Progression in KUS

Art Coverage of KUS

Progression in Art Skills
























Design Technology

DT National Curriculum

DT Rationale

DT National Curriculum Coverage

DT Progression in KUS

DT Coverage of KUS





















Physical Education

PE Curriculum

PE National Curriculum

Physical Education Rationale

PE Overview

NC National Curriculum Content Coverage

PE Progression in KUS

Gymnastics Progression

Dance Progression

Games Progression

Athletics Progression

































Geography National Curriculum

Geography Rationale

Geography National Curriculum Coverage

Geography Progression in KUS

Geography Coverage of KUS

Progression in Maps

























History National Curriculum

History Rationale

History National Curriculum Coverage

History Progression in KUS

History Coverage of KUS

Progression in Timelines

Progression in Sources























Music National Curriculum

Music Rationale

Music National Curriculum Coverage


Music Progression in KUS

Music Coverage of KUS

Progression in Singing, Rhymes and Chants

Progression in Recorder Songs and Skills

Progression in Compositions





























PSHE Rationale

PSHE Content Coverage

PSHE Progression in KUS

Jigsaw Unit Progression













RE Rationale

RE Content Coverage


RE Progression in KUS

RE Coverage of KUS








More Able, Gifted & Talented

More able and talented nomination form

More Able and Talented













British Values

British Values Statement










Health & Safety

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Extra Curricular

At Lister Infant School we believe extra-curricular activities play a very important role in the life of the pupil and the school. We therefore offer a variety of clubs for our children to join and enjoy both at lunchtimes and after school. These are changed each term.

Term 2 Clubs











The children at Lister Infants are encouraged to work very hard at school and make the most of the time that they spend here. Whilst their school day ends at 3.00, their education does not. Many children will have after school activities to attend that are important to their all round development. In addition to this, we strongly feel that pupils need some time at the end of the school day to relax and play – vital ingredients for good child development!

Therefore we promote a homework policy that seeks to strike a balance. This means a policy of regular meaningful homework that supports and reinforces the work in the classroom yet which still allows for plenty of “free time” which is so necessary for other areas of good child development.. The homework is a perfect balance of skill based sheets and project work, allowing children the opportunity to consolidate and hone skills and to plan and  present their own project in their own unique way.We believe school homework should enrich a child’s education.

We value your support in helping your child with their work at home and we would ask that you help your child by encouraging him/her to work in a quiet area away from the TV and by monitoring the quality of their work.

Regular homework is given throughout Reception, Year 1 and Year 2:

  • Phonics (letter sounds)
  • Regular reading practise
  • Spelling and word level work in Years 1 and 2
  • Mathematics
  • Project work based on class topics
Animals Homework Ideas Sheet Reception

Reception Homework Ideas- Animal Topic Autumn Term

homework book

Year 2 Homework Topic- London

term 1.2 homework book

Year 1 Homework Topic- Where I Live

Support materials can be found under the year group tabs and under supporting your child at home.